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WordWarePress is here to help you get your web site live fast and at a price you can afford. For over 16 years under the name Word-Ware we have provided a full range of boutique development services. Now we are also ready to help the very small business get a web presence they can afford.

The principal means to achieve the goal of a low-cost web presence is to take advantage of the evolution of the WordPress Platform from simple blog software to a low-cost content management system.

Over the years we have designed and built many content management systems to meet the specific needs of our clients, but if your needs are more generalized, the advent of WordPress as an off-the-shelf solution for content management may allow you to maintain and manage your own web site with ease and security.

WordPress Conversion

If you are like many early adopters you have a website built in the old HTML style where updates are arcane and often must be done by a developer.  If  you want to keep the look and feel of your website, but add the advantage of content management with WordPress WordWarePress can help you.  We can make a theme based on your current design and setup a cost effective WordPress site quickly so that you can begin to take advantage of all the features WordPress and WordPress third party developers offer.

Online Store

Using WordPress and a WordPress supporting Storefront can offer your business effective online sales at a much-reduced cost over renting store space.  It can also offer a much wider range of design options and personalization that a for hire storefront cannot.  If you want to sell online you want to contact WordWarePress today.

Online Marketing

Once a website is up and running the marketing job has just begun.  Aside from ensuring best practice for SEO elements and plug-ins, WordWarePress can assist you in exploring social media, directory listing and online advertising.

If it is so easy, what do you need WordWarePress for?

Driving a car doesn’t automatically make you a mechanic. How a web site is set up (the information architecture of the site) is not always obvious. However, once a site is properly structured, adding pages or editing existing pages can be very easy.

You may want to make your page unique or special in the way it looks and feels. Working within the WordPress guidelines, WordWarePress can help configure and enhance the design of your site so that you do not need to be limited by free themes in use by others.

Also, should you need a more specific solution to work within the basic WordPress system we are here to add special features to your basic site.


I worked with Steve creating a website commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. Steve is professional, personable and highly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him for your next web site or upgrade.

Joe Follansbee
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